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Hi I'm Dale, the owner and instructor at BASE Pilates. Im a 33 year old mom of two, happily married and loving life here in Marlow Buckinghamshire.

I have been a Pilates instructor for the past 12 years and if you are interested, here is the story of how I came to love this amazing form of exercise.

At the age of 20, I was experiencing a great deal of back pain and discomfort. After having X rays and seeing an Orthopaedic Surgeon I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. My spine was 11 degrees out. Because of the agony I was in, trying to maintain “good posture” was too much for me and so on top of Scoliosis I also developed Kyphosis. The orthopaedic surgeon advised me to start Pilates in order to lengthen and strengthen my back. The alternative was to face surgery.

This is where my journey and absolute love and appreciation for Pilates began.

I started attending private Pilates sessions three times a week at a studio close by and by my 6th session I started feeling relief. After a few months of training I had drastically improved my overall posture, strength and felt far less discomfort in my back.

Seeing the benefit of Pilates in my own body, and feeling the relief it brought to me is what made me decide to switch careers and pursue Pilates full time.

I completed my comprehensive certificate with BASI Pilates working under the guidance of renowned BASI principal instructor Theo Botha. I developed an absolute love for this form of exercise and threw myself into learning more and more about Pilates, the muscular system, and how to obtain maximum results through precision and control of movements.

I opened my own Studio in South Africa in October 2011 and have since worked with many different bodies and needs. I absolutely love how specific and personal each session can be and how the Pilates regime allows for tailored classes catering to different levels of capability, strength and energy. It is this that excites me and drives me to continue trying to get maximum results

Working with people and building relationships with my clients has become my biggest passion. Helping people get stronger, become more flexible and awaken muscles in their bodies is amazing, but to also see them feel great about themselves is a huge gratification.

Pilates can assist clients get over ailments that were causing discomfort in their day to day lives and help them realise there is more to life than living in constant pain and discomfort.

We shouldn’t settle for less than living out our best life.

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