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Pilates studio Marlow

BASE Pilates

Personalised private, duet and group classes in a dedicated modern studio

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Pilates is an exercise system that benefits people at every level of fitness and at every stage of life regardless of gender or age. 

Pilates is very focused and precise, it can help you build true core strength, improve posture and achieve better overall movement

My dedicated one on one, or one to two classes provide a focused, personalised approach, enabling you to get the most out of your sessions. 

Group sessions are also matched to your capabilities to ensure a good experience that helps you achieve your goals 

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"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"

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The BASE Pilates community became a family to numerous clients over the past 13 years and a large number of those clients were with us for most of those years. Having re-located to Marlow, Buckinghamshire in 2020 , I have opened a new studio, providing focused instruction, giving personal attention and ensuring that movements are being done correctly and effectively. I also run a number of group classes at locations around the Marlow area.

I use a combination of equipment, reformer, cadillac and wunda chair, as well as mat work to ensure a well balanced work out. I have experience working with many different types of clients such as:

  • Athletes and sportsmen/women

  • Pregnant/pre-natal clients

  • Elderly clients

  • Clients suffering injury, muscular or nerve pain

  • People needing to improve core stability and strength

At BASE Pilates I do my best to create a welcoming and comfortable environment where my clients can not only get excellent Pilates coaching but also find a place to connect, share and unwind from the stresses of your day 

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Personalised private classes will be individually
tailored to each specific individual based on
fitness level, strength and needs


Get the benefit of individual private class attention while training with a friend or loved one


Come join like minded individuals at a group class. I provide all the matts, balls, rollers, bands and weights to ensure a comprehensive session.

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Barbette Bell

"Incredible Instructor! You feel immediately welcome. The training is suited to your needs. You will walk away from each session feeling invigorated".


23 Redshots Cl, Marlow SL7 3LW, UK

07395 616836

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